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Booking Hints!

A lamp and a book on a bedside table in a hotel room.

Unlike hotels (where we all have an understanding of the standards and conditions provided by hoteliers) the serviced accommodation market is largely unregulated, and therefore standards vary enormously; both in the equipment provided, the size of the accommodation and the proximity of facilities (shops, restaurants) and other infrastructure such as main roads, railways, aircraft flight paths etc.

So we offer here some points that you might consider before you book your accommodation. And you can be sure that we have considered these criteria before we took on the properties we offer you:

  • Does the accommodation offer the facilities we expect at home; a proper kitchen with oven, 4 burner cook-top, family size fridge, a reasonable selection of kitchen utensils and enough crockery and cutlery?
  • Is it a resort style facility, where you may be disturbed by others playing in the pool ’til late or when returning from the restaurant in the evening?
  • How large is the accommodation? Do the bedrooms have doors? Are there proper beds and bedding?
  • Does the apartment have a living area, a dining area, and a kitchen? We’ve found that 70 sq metres is the minimum acceptable area for comfortable living.
  • How near is the nearest main road, railway line etc? Is it close enough to warrant double-glazing?
  • Finally, the price. We make every endeavour to remain very competitive in an expanding market. Therefore it is wise to be very cautious indeed of anyone offering accommodation at substantially lower prices.

Governments are introducing legislation to prevent false pictorial representation of accommodation. Please assure yourself that the pictures of the accommodation are exactly of that apartment, and that the “view” is actually taken from the apartment and is not merely a “typical” view from the best position.

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